Municipal Infrastructure
Infrastructure And Capacity Building

  • Upgrading Electrical Infrastructure
  • Project design and implementation
  • Contract Management

Feasibility Study

  • Feasibility studies relating to an assessment of the practicality or viability of a proposed engineering plan or works. This include assessment of mechanical, electrical and facilities management projects.
  • Feasibility studies of renewable energy projects wherein the technical viability of renewable energy project is assessed to determine whether the municipality can handle the project from inception to completion of the project as well as the life cycle of the project. This includes the assessment of project to determine technical expertise, human, financial, economic, regulatory or legal considerations of the project. Roof-top solar PV feasibility forms part of the feasibility work carried out by the company.

Regulatory Solutions

  • Offering regulatory solutions regarding disputes electricity supply areas between Eskom and Municipalities or between municipalities.
  • Assisting in mediation of disputes between electricity distributors and customers or end users on electricity related matters

Master Plan - Road Map

  • Identification of existing problem areas
  • Identification of future developments and upgrading requirements
  • Compilation of a database and electrical infrastructure asset register
  • Development of policies and related matters
  • Identification of an y operational and institutional challenges that needs to be addressed