Solar Power

Design, implementation monitoring, commissioning of:

Residential Solar System

Off-grid: Storage of energy through the use of batteries. These systems provide the consumer the customer with the security of supply.
On-grid: On-grid system where the power is generated during the daytime and fed directly into the household’s use to offset energy drawn from the grid. “over-generation”, the power would need to be fed into the grid, an aspect that is not yet fully operational on the South African grid

Commercial Solar Systems

The rooftops of commercial buildings such as shopping malls and office blocks receive enormous amounts of solar energy which, if not used, unfortunately goes to waste. Commercial buildings generally use more power than that which could be generated by covering its roof with PV Solar panels.

Utility Solar System

Industrial sites or large consumers of electricity. Installing a Solar PV system would offset the cost of power purchased from the grid. Installation of solar farm to provide electricity to industrial users and to supply to the power grid and generate revenue.